Greetings , I’m James Sullivan.

   As a kid in the late 60’s, I was immediately mesmerized by a neighbors nitro CL planes (.35 to .60) which progeressed quickly designing and building my own. In the early 70’s, those efforts morphed into RC planes of which most were again my own designs. FF helped refine the RC designs. After joining the Twin City Model Airplane Club, I procured my uncles property for a runway. Later we formed a new club (Blount County Model Airplane Club) and I arranged a new property for their use which lasted for many , many years.

   I flew off and on for years from whatever peapatch I could find while on the road building several planes on picknic tables at KOA.

   Life threw me several curves and not much flying was done till around 2008 when I went electric , again with my own design.

   Around 2010 the CrazyBall RC plane was born. The design was so unique that we acquired a US patent (56029) on it as a ‘flyable sphere’ Here is the original video for its reference. The CrazyBall was also premiered at the 2011 e-fest .Here is my ID Badge

    The original material was foamboard but EPP made for a much lighter , more durable and repairable airframe.  Standard 6mm Depron was also an option. The motor of choice was a popular lower KV Blue Wonder  swinging a 10″ pro The XPS Prop shroud/annular p.wing was needed to keep the EPP from deforming as  well as give extra thrust and lift.  One problem with the design was in a hard crash the prop would sometimes scoop the XPS foam and dig it out in grooves limiting the life of the shroud. Due to the light weight and multiple lifting areas, the 90 watt motor could easily power the CrazyBall at only half throttle never getting outside its amp limit as full throttle was only needed for radical maneuvers.

   One of the  unique features of the CrazyBall was at half throttle, the plane actually flew like a free flight and with the battery in the lower novice position, it would fly as if it had a lot of dihedral and was quite stable. This uniqueness allowed one to not only launch it easily at half throttle but when in trouble, just release the controls at half throttle and the plane would simply right itself and continue flying  level rather than a crash.

   V2 came along and kits were produced and sold all over the world. About that time, the Main Depron supplier (in UK) decided they were too busy to produce the model-related Depron so the US lost our supply of Depron.

   I stopped making kits and just continued designing and building perhaps 500+ really ‘Crazy’ designs. The new designs use a new way of building. Dollar tree foamboard and Walmart Ross board are the main materials and the designs will become available as ‘downloadable art and templates’ for a really really cheap price.This eliminates the wait for a kit as well as costs of shipping if you already have some motors, RC equipment lying around.

   Life has continued to throw me curves with wife being diagnosed with advanced dementia. I had started many times on the website to set it up to make the designs available, but had to halt every time.

   Hopefully, I can move forward and get this site (original url) off the ground so hundreds can finally enjoy these wild designs I have developed over the years. They sure are fun and preform better than pretty much any ARF or foamie design you can buy. I’ve always had little resources so the idea of making 

Unique Extreme performance RC planes

   affordable by everyone has always been my goal.