Welcome to CrazyPlanesRC.com

Looking forward to the creation of an all new WordPress site for the CrazyBall RC plane and its many variations.

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  1. Welcome to the re-birthing of the CrazyPlanesRC.com site
    The tedious setup of this website has now begun.

    update 1-1-2021
    BUT….. due to extremely limited personnel (me, myself, and I) I am incapable of developing the website as I was in 2010 (I was on disability at that time and had the time to do so) This may change in the future but who knows.I would love to develop the CrazyBall (and hundreds of other very unique designs ) into existence but unless there is physical help (such as I had in 2010) filming, virtual Cad work, and website development this venue is simply not gonna happen.My resources are low and not ready to fund a big enterprise…there it is in a nutshell,.

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