Welcome to CrazyPlanesRC.com

Looking forward to the creation of an all new WordPress site for the CrazyBall RC plane and its many variations.

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  1. Welcome to the re-birthing of the CrazyPlanesRC.com site
    The tedious setup of this website has now began.
    Over the next few weeks (I know it’s ‘about time’) the site will begin to take shape and you will be able to download plans and later order kits as they become available. New products should be added weekly. The old CrazyBall thread on RC Groups will again become active an should serve well as the company blog . Later both RC Groups and this site will host news and information as well as product links. There will also be an eBay account and possibly an Amazon account.
    Some parts , as well as the build video and pages for the Original CrazyBall may become available later however since V2 was created with Depron Aero (which is no longer available) no plans or video will be made available for that version.

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