In Dec ’11’ Version 2 was born . Depron Aero (3mm) was a lighter, and prettier material which greatly improved performance. The prop cutouts were quietened and some light weight 6 mm EPP was used as reinforcements and extra lift in a Kf configuration. Better decals (stickers) were utilized and the lighter weight made the CrazyBall great for indoor as well as outdoor flying.

For something a bit Different!!

Create your own racer!

    The links will be to individual product pages where you can purchase and download templates and graphics to be tile printed on your printer and paper then glued together to make full-sized sheets that are glued to the Dollar Tree (Adams Ready board) or WalMart (Ross) foam artboard.

    If you don’t understand, don’t worry, there will be how-to instructions where needed as well as included individual build videos to show and explain how to build your airframe choice as well as adjust and fly it.

Yes, you get an amazing amount of value for your $4.95  purchase!!

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CrazyBall X-treme Standard Size

   This is for the downloadable and printable combination template and graphics file for the CrazyBall XTreme airframe with how-to

Standard size CrazyBall Alien

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The original Patented CrazyBall

Deemed one of the most unusual RC planes ever!

   The ‘Standard’ CrazyBall morphed into a high performance version. Higher performance motors (brought to us by the Quad racer segment ), newly redesigned control surfaces/servos and modified size now offer little or no restrictions on performance. Truely a fully symmetrical airframe in every way. 

The Original Patented CrazyBall

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printing, building and flying

How-to Resources

All the resources you need in  one location to print, build and fly the many high performance yet inexpensive foamboard airframes you can find on this website. Other resources include choosing the correct motor , battery and electronics that many already have laying around in expensive RTF crashed airplanes. resources to find quality yet inexpensive gear and/or electronics. There are even sources for used gear.