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        Way back in 2010 the CrazyBall RC plane was born. -HERE-  is the original video for its reference. The original material was foamboard but EPP made for a much lighter , more durable and repairable airframe.  Standard 6mm Depron was also an option. The motor of choice was a popular lower KV Blue Wonder  swinging a 10″ pro The XPS Prop shroud/annular wing was needed to keep the EPP from deforming as  well as give extra thrust and lift.  One problem with the design was in a hard crash the prop would sometimes scoop the XPS foam and dig it out in grooves limiting the life of the shroud. Due to the light weight and multiple lifting areas, the 90 watt motor could easily power the CrazyBall at only half throttle never getting outside its amp limit as full throttle was only needed for radical maneuvers.

     One of the  unique features of the CrazyBall was at half throttle, the plane actually flew like a free flight and with the battery in the lower novice position, it would fly as if it had a lot of dihedral and was quite stable. This uniqueness allowed one to not only launch it easily at half throttle but when in trouble, just release the controls at half throttle and the plane would simply right itself and continue flying  level rather than a crash.

     For the ‘pros’, the battery could be reinserted horizontal in the top of the battery slot making the craft not only symmetrical but balanced symmetrically as well. What aircraft can preform maneuvers in any direction with impunity? The CrazyBall was easily capable of most any 3D maneuver as well as a 4D candidate using variable pitch prop system for reverse pitch. There was also an inline twin motor version (sk’Eyeball) which did some excellent FPV work at slow hovering speeds when quads were in their infancy. You can see a video   


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deemed One of the Strangest RC planes ever

Its just gets better! CrazyBall V2

In Dec ’11’ Version 2 was born . Depron Aero (3mm) was a lighter,  and prettier material which greatly improved performance. The prop cutouts were quietened and some light weight 6 mm EPP was used as reinforcements and extra lift in a Kf configuration.  Better decals (stickers) were utilized and the lighter weight made the CrazyBall great for indoor as well as outdoor flying. Unfortunately the only European manufacturer of the Depron Aero material decided that they were too busy with the floor underlayment industry to make any more material available for the model industry and ceased shipping to the US and there was only a limited amount left. This pretty much eliminated the V2. Really cheap small receivers and motors over time were improving but the CrazyBall needed to be a bit more universal so the site was taken down for a long wait on new technology and materials. The LED lighted CrazyBall created some excitement in the middle of the Grand Solar Eclipse we had a few years ago as well as a few fourth of July summer nights. Here is a link to one of the very early lighted CrazyBall with a tail    

And the latest Crazyball xtreme v1.3

The ‘Standard’ CrazyBall morphed into a high performance version. Higher performance motors (brought to us by the Quad racer segment ), newly redesigned control surfaces/servos and modified size now offer little or no restrictions on performance. Truely a fully symmetrical airframe in every way. 

No, you will not be able to easily ‘visually’ tell what side is up…but consider this.. When launched at 1/2 throttle, it simply flies like a free flight and will slowly climb out . When it gets to maneuver height, you can just tap up elevator and it will go in that direction giving you a visual clue.  This is how I fly it easily. If you have practiced on the standard CrazyBall, you will already be accustomed to the way it looks and as long as you keep it a ‘mistake or two’ high, a simple tap of up will let you know which direction that is.. Full throttle is pure ‘Wild’.  

Just like the Standard CrazyBall, release all controls to center (1/2 throttle on left stick) and it immediately rights itself and begins a slow , gentle climb out giving you time to think, This maneuver was done right after full throttle in this video as an example..

But hey, maybe you crashed it

No problem, print out another template/graphics, and get another $1 board and build another one in a few hours


90% of all crashes can be easily and quickly fixed with a little hot glue, many times at the field with a portable glue gun.

Make nearly anything Fly!

       Well, I’ve been able to make most everything fly, but if your a Rocker The Gibson ‘Flying V’ guitar probably made quite an impression …so let’s put 2 and 2 together and wallah!…We now have a full- flying ‘Flying V’ guitar which I have never heard of previously..Downloadable plans/templates and graphics make this sweet-flying natural a breeze!. Kits may also soon become available.There will be severaL ‘other’ RockStar downloadable pilots on this one you won’t want to miss (especially the pinups). This is one of hundreds of upcoming designs that are cheap to build and fly well.

Standard Size Alien CrazyBall

Craziest foamie designs ever!

Ever get tired of flying all those ‘stick in the mud’ designs that rarely stray outside the ole ‘front wing, back wing and tail’ conventional platforms. We’ll here are just a couple of pylon racers that are just a little ‘outside the box’ yet are fast. stable and fun racers that are so cheap you can build dozens of them  for less that even one of the cheapest priced racers out there. Takes only a few hours to build so if you pile one in , so what. These are the planes you truely can ‘fly like you stole it’.

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Below are what should eventually be all products offered

–Important Note–

      There will only a few products and hopefully more added on a regular basis. The links will be to individual product pages where you can purchase and download templates and graphics to be tile printed on your printer and paper then glued together to make full-sized sheets that are glued to the Dollar Tree (Adams) or WalMart (Ross) foam artboard

      If you don’t understand, don’t worry, there will be how-to instructions as well as videos to show and explain how to do this and is quite simple.

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